Kurt von Schleicher

German chancellor (1882-1934)

Kurt Ferdinand Friedrich Hermann von Schleicher (7 April 1882 - 30 June 1934) was chancellor of Germany in the last days of the Weimar Republic, before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor and Führer (dictator). He was also earlier known for being a general during World War I,[1] under Paul von Hindenburg,[2] the President of Germany whilst Schleicher was Chancellor. General Schleicher cooperated with the Nazis in the 1920s. He helped them with weapons and military training.

von Schleicher in 1934

He was killed as a main target during the Night of the Long Knives by the SS. Hitler justified his actions the next day by announcing that Von Schleicher and Ernst Röhm were plotting to overthrow him. His wife, Elizabeth, was also killed in the attack.[3]


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