Tibetic language spoken in Ladakh, India

The Ladakhi language is a Tibetic language spoken by the majority Buddhist followers known as the Ladakhis who live in Ladakh, part of the greater region of Kashmir, which is divided upon India, Pakistan, and China. Ladakh is under Indian control and the people of Ladakh mostly speak Tibetic languages like Ladakhi. Ladakhi is closely related to Balti, a language spoken in the neighboring region of Baltistan which is controlled by Pakistan, though there are many Ladakhis in Baltistan and many Baltis in Ladakh primarily Kargil. Ladakhi was created from the Tibetan language spoken in neighboring China. They are many varities of Ladakhi, including those which have evolved into different languages like Zangskari and Changthang.[1] The Purgi language has been considered a mix of Balti and Ladakhi. The Ladakhi language is locally known as Bhoti and has been known by that by the Indian government.[2] Ladakhi contains many loanwords from Kashmiri and Hindi.[3] Ladakhi is also spoken in China by nearly 12,000 people.[4]

ལ་དྭགས་སྐད།, Ladaks Skat
Native toIndia, China, Pakistan
RegionLeh, Baltistan
Native speakers
(600,000, all dialects cited 1991–1997)
[125,000 Ladakhi (1997), 130,000 Purik (1991), 340,000 Balti (1992)]
Tibetan script
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
lbj – Ladakhi
zau – Zangskari