Latina poetry is poetry written by women of Latin American ancestry.

Many Latina poets live in the United States. Some are American immigrants. Others are born in the United States into Latin American families. Mexican-American women poets, Cuban-American women poets, and Puerto Rican women poets are examples of Latina poets.They often write poems code-switching between Spanish and English. Some Latina poets write mix English and Spanish into Spanglish.

The main Latina poets are Gloria E. Anzaldúa,[1] Giannina Braschi,[2] Sandra Cisneros,[3] Ana Castillo, Cherríe Moraga, and Lorna Dee Cervantes. Newer Latina poets include Ada Limon, Monica de la Torre, and Elizabeth Acevedo. Latina poetry has many different literary styles. Sandra Cisneros and Ana Castillo write lyric poems about families, migration, and borders. Giannina Braschi writes epic poetry about love, politics, and war.

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Latina poetry has many subjects. Popular topics are love, family, immigration, exile, the Mexican border with the United States, and social justice.[4] Many Latina poets, including Ana Castillo, Julia Alvarez, and Judith Cofer Ortiz, write about their family, food, language, Latino culture, and their grandmothers.[5][6]

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