Lina Al-Tarawneh

Jordanian-Qatari climate activist

Lina Nayel Al-Tarawneh (Arabic: لينا نايل الطراونة) is a Jordanian-Qatari climate activist.



Lina Al-Tarawneh has Jordanian nationality but she was born in Qatar. She lived in Doha and studied "medicine" at Qatar University. In 2015, she and her parents made a trip to Al Khor Island (also known as Purple Island) about 50 kilometers north of Doha. There, she saw the mangroves for the first time. She fell in love with the beautiful region. She discovered that few people in Qatar knew this region. She also saw that there was a lot of litter. So, she decided to do something about it. In October 2016, Al-Tarawneh applied and won a competition called the "Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative Global Trailblazer". The program gave five young entrepreneurs from around the world the opportunity to present their ideas at the annual "Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurshipat Harvard University". Together with her elder sister Dina, she founded the NGO "Green Mangroves" in 2017. After receiving a $15,000 of grant from the Ford Motor Company in 2017, she invested in the NGO. It was through the purchase of kayaks. The association organizes kayak trips with the aim of clearing litter.[1][2][3][4]


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