List of Joan of Arcadia episodes

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This is a list of the episodes of the CBS television serial Joan of Arcadia.

Season OneEdit

Code Title Author Director Original Airdate
1X01 Pilot Barbara Hall Jack Bender / James Hayman September 26, 2003
1X02 The Fire and the Wood Hart Hanson James Hayman October 3, 2003
1X03 Touch Move Barbara Hall Josh Brand October 10, 2003
1X04 The Boat Randy Anderson Kevin Dowling October 17, 2003
1X05 Just Say No Tom Garrigus Steve Gomer October 24, 2003
1X06 Bringeth It On Joy Gregory David Petrarca October 31, 2003
1X07 Death Be Not Whatever Barbara Hall Peter Levin November 7, 2003
1X08 The Devil Made Me Do It Hart Hanson James Hayman November 14, 2003
1X09 St. Joan Randy Anderson Martha Mitchell November 21, 2003
1X10 Drive, He Said Tom Garrigus Ron Lagomarisino December 5, 2003
1X11 The Uncertainty Principle Joy Gregory Helen Shaver December 12, 2003
1X12 Jump Hart Hanson Timothy Busfield January 9, 2004
1X13 Recreation Barbara Hall Elodie Keene January 16, 2004
1X14 State of Grace Joshua Ravetch Steve Gomer February 6, 2004
1X15 Night Without Stars David Grae Kevin Doeling February 13, 2004
1X16 Double Dutch Tom Garrius Alan Myerson February 20, 2004
1X17 No Bad Guy Sibyl Gardner James Hayman February 27, 2004
1X18 Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray Joy Gregory Kevin Dowling March 12, 2004
1X19 Do the Math Antoinette Stella Rob Morrow April 2, 2004
1X20 Anonymus David Grae Steve Gomer April 30, 2004
1X21 Vanity, Thy Name Is Human Robert Girardi Jerry Levine May 7, 2004
1X22 The Gift Stephen Nathan Martha Mitchell May 14, 2004
1X23 Silence Barbara Hall James Hayman May 21, 2004

Season TwoEdit

Code Title Author Director Original Airdate
2X01 Only Connect Barbara Hall James Hayman September 24, 2004
2X02 Out of Sight Stephen Nathan Rob Morrow October 1, 2004
2X03 Back to the Garden Joy Gregory Kevin Dowling October 8, 2004
2X04 The Cat David Grae Steve Gomer October 15, 2004
2X05 The Election Ellie Herman Rob Morrow October 22, 2004
2X06 Wealth of Nations Tom Garrigus Kevin Dowling October 29, 2004
2X07 P.O.V. Lindsay Sturman Graeme Clifford November 5, 2004
2X08 Friday Night Stephen Nathan Elodie Keene November 12, 2004
2X09 No Future Barbara Hall James Hayman November 19, 2004
2X10 The Book of Questions Ellie Herman Steve Gomer November 26, 2004
2X11 Dive David Grae Martha Mitchell December 10, 2004
2X12 Game Theory Tom Garrigus Gloria Muzio January 7, 2005
2X13 Queen of the Zombies Joy Gregory Graeme Clifford January 14, 2005
2X14 The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi Lindsay Sturman Martha Mitchell January 28, 2005
2X15 Romancing the Joan Barbara Hall Joanna Kerns February 11, 2005
2X16 Independence Day Ellie Herman / Stephen Nathan James Hayman February 18, 2005
2X17 Shadows and Light Tom Garrigus / David Grae Kevin Dowling February 25, 2005
2X18 Secret Service Joy Gregory / Lindsay Sturman / Ben Eicher Michael Fresco March 4, 2005
2X19 Trial and Error Marc Flanagan / Matthew Donlan / Jeremy Martin Neal Israel April 1, 2005
2X20 Spring Cleaning Lyla Oliver Bethany Rooney April 8, 2005
2X21 Common Thread Stephen Nathan Elodie Keene April 15, 2005
2X22 Something Wicked This Way Comes Barbara Hall James Hayman April 22, 2005