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The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Jordan's head of state and monarch. He is the head of the Jordanian monarchy — the Hashemite dynasty. The king is known as His Majesty (صاحب الجلالة).

King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
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Abdullah II
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentCrown Prince Hussein
First monarchAbdullah I
Formation25 May 1946
ResidenceRaghadan Palace, Al-Maquar, Amman

The king has executive and legislative powers. He is commander-in-chief of the Jordanian Armed Forces and appoints the prime minister and the directors of security agencies. He also appoints the members of the upper house, the Senate, as well as the members of the Constitutional Court.[1]

Monarchs of Jordan (1921–present)Edit

Emirate of Transjordan (1921–1946)Edit

NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
  • عبد الله الأول بن الحسين
February 1882 – 20 July 1951
(aged 69)
1 April 192125 May 1946Previously King-designate of Iraq for a short period in 1920Hashemite 

Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan/Jordan (1946–present)Edit

NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
Abdullah I
  • عبد الله الأول بن الحسين
February 1882 – 20 July 1951
(aged 69)
25 May 194620 July 1951
Proclaimed King of Palestine by the Jericho Conference in 1948Hashemite 
  • طلال بن عبد الله
(1909-02-26)26 February 1909 – 7 July 1972(1972-07-07) (aged 63)20 July 195111 August 1952
Son of Abdullah IHashemite 
  • الحسين بن طلال
(1935-11-14)14 November 1935 – 7 February 1999(1999-02-07) (aged 63)11 August 19527 February 1999Son of TalalHashemite 
Abdullah II
  • عبد الله الثانى بن الحسين
(1962-01-30) 30 January 1962 (age 59)7 February 1999IncumbentSon of HusseinHashemite 


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