List of national trees

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A tree emblem is a tree or plant that is chosen by a country as a symbol or emblem for that country.


Country Name of tree Scientific name Picture Reference
  Albania Olive tree Olea europaea  
  Bangladesh Banyan Ficus benghalensis   [1]
Mango tree (Aam Gaachh) ("Cultural") Mangifera indica   [2]
  Bhutan Bhutan Cypress Cupressus cashmeriana  
  China Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba  
  Costa Rica Guanacaste Enterolobium cyclocarpum   [3]
  East Turkestan Common Mulberry Morus alba  
  India Banyan Ficus benghalensis  
  Iran Mediterranean cypress Cupressus sempervirens  
  Caucasus Emirate Caucasian fir Abies nordmanniana  
  Kashmir Chinar tree Platanus orientalis  
  Maldives Coconut palm Cocos nucifera  
    Nepal Sacred fig Ficus religiosa  
  Pakistan Cedrus deodara Himalayan deodar   [4]
  Palestine Olive tree Olea europaea  
  Sikkim Rhododendron Rhododendron niveum  
  Sri Lanka Ceylon Ironwood Mesua ferrea  


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