List of poets from North America

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This is a list of poets from North America.




  • John McCrae, known for "In Flanders Fields" (a poem about war); d. 1918
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Dominican Republic


Norberto James Rawlings, wrote one of the most iconic Dominican poems of the twentieth century, "The Immigrants";[5][6] born in the Dominican Republic; d. 2021




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Saint Lucia


United States


The Nobel Prize in Literature, has been won by poets Toni Morrison, Louise_Glück. Another winner of that award, Sinclair Lewis, had his first works (printed or) published in Yale Courant and the Yale Literary Magazine; Those works were romantic poetry and short sketches.

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Trinidad and Tobago


John Lyons, born in Trinidad (1933), grew up in Trinidad and Tobago

Other countries in North America, has famous poets.



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