List of rivers of Finland

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This is a list of rivers of Finland.

Rivers flowing to the Gulf of BothniaEdit

Rivers flowing to the Archipelago SeaEdit

Rivers flowing to the Gulf of FinlandEdit

Rivers flowing to Russia, to the Gulf of FinlandEdit

Water from these rivers flows through Lake Ladoga and Neva River to the sea.

Rivers flowing to Russia, to the White SeaEdit

Rivers flowing to Russia or Norway, to the Arctic OceanEdit

By lengthEdit

This is a list of the rivers, bigger than 100 km, that are wholly or partly located within the borders of Finland.

River  Length
(within Finland) 
Border river Total length  Notes 
Kemijoki 550 km 550 km
Iijoki 330 km 330 km
Ounasjoki 298 km 298 km Tributary to Kemijoki
Kitinen 278 km 278 km Tributary to Kemijoki
Muonionjoki 230 km 230 km Tributary to Tornionjoki, followin the Finnish-Swedish border in its entiety
Luiro 227 km 227 km Tributary to Kemijoki
Kymijoki 180 km 180 km
Tornionjoki 180 km 522 km Border river between Finland and Sweden, partly in Sweden
Simojoki 172 km 172 km
Ivalojoki 170 km 170 km
Kiiminkijoki 170 km 170 km
Pyhäjoki 162 km 162 km
Perhonjoki 155 km 155 km
Tenojoki 152 km 344 km Partly a border river between Finland and Norway, other part is in Norway
Siikajoki 152 km 152 km
Kokemäenjoki 150 km 150 km
Raudanjoki 150 km 150 km Tributary to Kemijoki
Lapuanjoki 147 km 147 km
Porvoonjoki 130 km 130 km
Kalajoki 130 km 130 km
Kyrönjoki 127 km 127 km
Livojoki 125 km 125 km Tributary to Iijoki
Siuruanjoki 120 km 120 km Tributary to Iijoki
Loimijoki 114 km 114 km Tributary to Kokemäenjoki
Karvianjoki 110 km 110 km
Vaskojoki 110 km 110 km
Oulujoki 107 km 107 km
Oulankajoki 105 km 135 km partly in Russia
Nuorittajoki 105 km 105 km
Kiehimänjoki 105 km 105 km
Paimionjoki 105 km 105 km
Vantaanjoki 101 km 101 km
Lieksanjoki 80 km 132 km beginning on the Russian side of the border
Tenniöjoki 62 km 126 km Tributary to Kemijoki; about half of its length in Russia
Vuoksi 15 km 150 km The majority is on the Russian side of the border

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