sister of the Roman emperor Claudius and daughter-in-law of emperor Tiberius

Claudia Livia (Classical Latin: CLAVDIA•LIVIA;[1] c. 13 BC – AD 31) was the only daughter of Nero Claudius Drusus and Antonia Minor and sister of the Roman Emperor Claudius and general Germanicus. She was the paternal aunt of the emperor Caligula and maternal great-aunt of emperor Nero, as well as the niece and daughter-in-law of Tiberius.

Bust of a Julio-Claudian princess, possibly of Livilla.
Born13 BC
Lugdunum, Gaul
DiedAD 31 (aged c. 43)
SpouseGaius Caesar
Drusus Julius Caesar
IssueJulia Livia
Tiberius Julius Caesar Nero Gemellus
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus II Gemellus
FatherNero Claudius Drusus
MotherAntonia Minor

She was named after her grandmother, Augustus' wife Livia Drusilla. She was known by her family nickname Livilla ("little Livia").[2]

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