Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême

King of France, de iure, 1830-1830

Louis Antoine of France, Duke of Angoulême (6 August 1775 – 3 June 1844) was the eldest son of Charles X of France and the last person in line to be King of France from 1824 to 1830. He was technically King of France and Navarre for less than 20 minutes before he himself abdicated.[1] He gave up being the King, after his father also did. This occurred in the July Revolution of 1830. He never ruled over the country. After his father's death in 1836 he was called Louis XIX.

Louis Antoine
Duke of Angoulême
King of France (disputed)
as Louis XIX
Reign2 August 1830 (approx. 20 min.)
(not proclaimed)
PredecessorCharles X
Legitimist pretender to the French throne
Pretendence6 November 1836 – 3 June 1844
PredecessorCharles X
SuccessorHenry V
Born(1775-08-06)6 August 1775
Palace of Versailles, Kingdom of France
Died3 June 1844(1844-06-03) (aged 68)
Gorizia, Austrian Empire
FatherCharles X of France
MotherMarie Thérèse of Savoie
ReligionRoman Catholicism
SignatureLouis Antoine's signature
Coat of Arms of Louis Antoine as Duke of Angoulême.
Coat of Arms of Louis Antoine as Dauphin of France.


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