Lower Canada

19th century British colony in present-day Quebec

The Province of Lower Canada was a British colony in Canada. It included Labrador and the southern part of Quebec. It was created in 1791 when Britain split Quebec into two provinces. It was merged in 1841 with the rest of Quebec to form the Province of Canada.

Province of Lower Canada
Province du Bas-Canada
Flag of Lower Canada
StatusBritish colony
CapitalQuebec City
Common languagesFrench, English
GovernmentChâteau Clique oligarchy
under a
Constitutional monarchy
• 1791–1820
George III
• 1820–1830
George IV
• 1830–1837
William IV
• 1837–1841
Lieutenant-Governor and Executive Council of Lower Canada 
LegislatureParliament of Lower Canada
Legislative Council
Legislative Assembly
Historical eraBritish Era
26 December 1791
10 February 1841
1839[1]534,185 km2 (206,250 sq mi)
• 1839[1]
CurrencyCanadian pound
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Province of Quebec (1763–1791)
United Province of Canada
Colony of Newfoundland
Today part of

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