Made in Heaven

1995 studio album by Queen

Made in Heaven is Queen's fifteenth and final studio album, released in November 1995. After Freddie Mercury's death in 1991, the remaining band members John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Brian May worked with vocals that Mercury had previously recorded, along with newly recorded lyrics by the remaining band members. Made In Heaven was the last studio album performed by all four original band members.

Made in Heaven
Studio album by
Released6 November 1995
RecordedJanuary 1980 – May 1991, October 1993 – February 1995
StudioMountain, Allerton Hill, Cosford Mill, and Metropolis
Length70:21 (Original CD)
47:45 (Original LP)
69:43 (2015 reissue LP)
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Made in Heaven
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Singles from Made in Heaven
  1. "Heaven for Everyone"
    Released: 23 October 1995
  2. "A Winter's Tale"
    Released: 11 December 1995[1]
  3. "Too Much Love Will Kill You"
    Released: 26 February 1996 (UK)
  4. "I Was Born to Love You"
    Released: 28 February 1996 (Japan)
  5. "Let Me Live"
    Released: 17 June 1996 (UK)
  6. "You Don't Fool Me"
    Released: 18 November 1996 (UK)

Track listing

  1. "It's a Beautiful Day"
  2. "Made in Heaven"
  3. "Let Me Live "
  4. "Mother Love"
  5. "My Life Has Been Saved"
  6. "I Was Born to Love You"
  7. "Heaven for Everyone"
  8. "Too Much Love Will Kill You"
  9. "You Don't Fool Me"
  10. "A Winter's Tale"
  11. "It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)"
  12. "Yeah"
  13. "Track 13"


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