Maila Nurmi

Finnish American actress (1922-2008)

Maila Nurmi (11 December 1922 – 10 January 2008) was a Finnish-American actress. She was born Maila Elizabeth Syrjaniemi in Petsamo, Finland. She created the character Vampira in the 1950s. She played Vampira in Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space.[1] She also played Vampira in the 1959 movie The Beat Generation.[2]

Maila Nurmi
PlanNine 07.jpg
Nurmi as Vampira
Maila Elizabeth Syrjaniemi

11 December 1922
Petsamo, Finland
Died10 January 2008
OccupationTelevision actress
Movie actress
Years active1952-1994 (movies and television)
Spouse(s)Dean Riesner



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