Mandé people

Region south of the Mali

Mandé or Manding is a region between southern Mali and eastern Guinea. The Hunters from Wagadou (or Ouagadou) founded Mandé, the Mandingo country, notably the mythical ancestors Kontron and Sanin, at the origin of the Malinké and Bambaras hunter brotherhood. This country was famous for the large number of animals and game that it sheltered, as well as its dense vegetation. A very popular hunting ground. The Camara (or Kamara) are considered to be the oldest family to have lived in Mandé, after having left, due to the drought, Ouallata, a region of Wagadou, in the south-east of present-day Mauritania. They founded the first village of Mandé, Kirikoroni, then Kirina, Siby, Kita. Many of the families that make up the Mandingo community were born in Mande. Mandé is the province from which the Mali Empire started, under the leadership of Soundiata Keïta.