Maria Redaelli

supercentenarian from Italy

Maria Granoli (Maria Redaelli; 3 April 1899 – 2 April 2013)[4] was an Italian supercentenarian. At the time of her death, just one day shy of her 114th birthday, she was the oldest living person in Italy, the oldest living person in Europe, and the 4th oldest living person in the world behind Jiroemon Kimura, Misao Okawa and Gertrude Weaver (Weaver's case was confirmed in 2014, which after Maria Redaelli's death.).

Maria Redaelli
Maria Redaelli 1.JPG
Maria Redaelli at her 113th birthday in April 2012
Maria Angela Redaelli[1]

(1899-04-03)3 April 1899[2]
Died(2013-04-02)2 April 2013
(aged 113 years, 364 days)[4]
Other namesMaria Granoli
OccupationSilk spinning mill worker
Known for
  • Oldest Italian living person resident in Italy from February 2012
  • Oldest European living person from June 2012
  • Oldest Italian living person from December 2012
Spouse(s)Gaspare Granoli[5] (deceased)
  • Luigi[5](deceased)
  • Carla (b. 1925—[6])
  • 2 grandchildren
  • 2 great-grandchildren

Redaelli was born on 3 April 1899 in Inzago (Province of Milan), Lombardy, Italy. She was married to Gaspare Granoli until his death. They had two children; one died. Redaelli died on 2 April 2013 (just one day away from her 114th birthday) in her home in Filanda, Lombardy, Italy from natural causes, aged 113. After that, Emma Morano become the oldest living person in Italy and Europe.


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