Marianne Moore

American poet (1887–1972)

Marianne Moore (November 15, 1887 – February 5, 1972) was an American modernist poet, translator, critic and editor. Her poetry had formal innovation, irony and wit.

Moore in 1948

Moore's first professionally published poems appeared in The Egoist, a periodical, and Poetry, a magazine in spring 1915.

Moore's first book, Poems, was published without her permission in 1921 by British novelist Bryher.

Moore's second book, Observations, was given the Dial Award in 1924. During these years, she worked as a librarian part-time. Then from 1925–1929 she edited The Dial magazine, a literary journal.

Moore was awarded the Helen Haire Levinson Prize by the Poetry magazine in 1933.

Moore's Collected Poems won the National Book Award,[1] the Bollingen Prize and Pulizer Prize in 1951.

Moore was born in Kirkwood, Missouri. She had a number of strokes in her last years. She died at age 84 in New York City.

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