Mary-Jane Watson

fictional character in Marvel Comics

Mary-Jane Watson is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. She was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Mary-Jane Watson is a friend of Peter Parker and later becomes his girlfriend. Peter then decides to stop dating her since he is secretly the superhero Spider-Man and she'll be in danger if she's his girlfriend because of that. She later finds out that he is Spider-Man and they go back to dating. They eventually get married.

A cosplayer dressed up as Mary-Jane Watson.

Mary-Jane Watson in Film Edit

Mary-Jane Watson is played by Kirsten Dunst in the 2002 movie Spider-Man. She and Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn are the only two students at their high school who are nice to Peter Parker. Mary-Jane dates Flash Thompson and doesn't like it when he bullies Peter Parker. When Peter gets bitten by a genetically engineered super-spider and no longer needs his glasses, Mary-Jane compliments him. Flash Thompson then attacks Peter Parker in front of a locker and Peter beats him up. Mary-Jane then breaks up with Flash. She then starts dating Harry Osborne. Harry's father Norman insults her and tells him all she really cares about is his money. Harry defends her. Mary-Jane, who overheard what was said calls Norman Osborne "a creep". Harry defends his father and Mary-Jane breaks up with him. Mary-Jane falls in love with Spider-Man after he rescues her. Harry later sees her talking to Peter and realizes that they are in love. Harry's father finds out and as the supervillain the Green Goblin kidnaps her to get to Peter who he knows is Spider-Man. Spider-Man rescues her by killing the Green Goblin. Mary-Jane later tells Peter she is in love with him and Peter says he will always be her friend but can never be anything else to her. In the 2004 movie Spider-Man 2, she accidentally unmasks Spider-Man after he rescues her from Dr. Octopus. They then start dating. In the 2007 movie Spider-Man 3, Mary-Jane breaks up with Peter after he starts being mean to people. In the end, Peter goes back to being a good guy and he and Mary-Jane get back together.