Maumee River

river in Indiana and Ohio, United States

The Maumee River (pronounced /mɔːˈm/)[1] (Shawnee: Hotaawathiipi;[2] Miami-Illinois: Taawaawa siipiiwi)[3] is a river running from northeastern Indiana into northwestern Ohio and Lake Erie in the United States. The city of Toledo is located at the mouth of the Maumee.

Maumee River
The Maumee River at Grand Rapids, Ohio
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Map of the Maumee River watershed
CountryUnited States
StatesIndiana, Ohio
Cities and townsFort Wayne, Indiana; New Haven, Indiana; Antwerp, Ohio; Cecil, Ohio; Defiance, Ohio; Florida, Ohio; Napoleon, Ohio; Grand Rapids, Ohio; Waterville, Ohio; Maumee, Ohio; Perrysburg, Ohio; Rossford, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Oregon, Ohio
Physical characteristics
 - locationFort Wayne by the confluence of the St. Joseph and St. Marys
 - coordinates41°04′58″N 85°07′56″W / 41.0827778°N 85.1322222°W / 41.0827778; -85.1322222 (Maumee River origin)
 - elevation750 ft (230 m)
 - locationLake Erie at Toledo
 - coordinates41°41′58″N 83°27′36″W / 41.6994444°N 83.46°W / 41.6994444; -83.46 (Maumee River mouth)
 - elevation571 ft (174 m)
Length137 miles (220 km)
Basin size6,354 sq mi (16,460 km2)
 - average5,297 cu ft/s (150.0 m3/s)
Basin features

It is the largest watershed of any of the rivers feeding the Great Lakes, and supplies five percent of Lake Erie’s water.

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