Men in Black II

2002 science fiction film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Men in Black II is an American science fiction action comedy movie. It is about aliens trying to take over the world and Agents J and K must stop that from happening before it is too late.[1][2] Some of the stars include Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Rip Torn. Michael Jackson appears in a cameo when he wants to become Agent M.

It is a sequel to Men in Black and is followed by Men in Black 3.

Cast change

Production change

The movie's ending was supposed to be set at the World Trade Center, but due to the September 11 attacks, it was reshot with the Statue of Liberty.

Reception change

The movie was #1 at the box office against The Powerpuff Girls Movie but had mixed reviews. People didn't like how it was a rehash of the first movie.

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