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Mersch (Luxembourgish: Miersch) is a commune and town in central Luxembourg, capital of the canton of Mersch.

Mersch castle.
Mersch castle.
Coat of arms of Mersch
Map showing, in orange, the Mersch commune
Map showing, in orange, the Mersch commune
Coordinates: 49°45′N 6°06′E / 49.750°N 6.100°E / 49.750; 6.100Coordinates: 49°45′N 6°06′E / 49.750°N 6.100°E / 49.750; 6.100
Country Luxembourg
 • MayorMichel Malherbe
 • Total49.7 km2 (19.2 sq mi)
Highest elevation
428 m (1,404 ft)
Lowest elevation
208 m (682 ft)
 • Total9,195
 • Density190/km2 (480/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
WebsiteOfficial website


Mersch is in the centre of the country, at the confluence of the Alzette, Mamer and Eisch rivers.

The commune has an area of 49.7 km2 (19.2 sq mi).[1] The altitude is 208–428 m (682–1,404 ft) high. The altitude at the railway station is 220 m (720 ft) high.[3]

Mersch is surrounded by ten communes of Luxembourg; nine of them are part of the Mersch canton. Only the Kehlen commune is not part of the Mersch canton; it is part of the Capellen canton.


There were 9,195 persons living in the commune in 2017,[2] for a population density of 185.0 inhabitants/km².

Other towns within the communes are Beringen, Berschbach, Moesdorf, Pettingen, Reckange, Rollingen and Schoenfels.

Evolution of the population in Mersch

Places of interestEdit

The Mersch castle is one of the castles that are in the Valley of the Seven Castles.[N 1] It is in the centre of the town and its history goes back to the 13th century. Today the castle houses the administrative offices of the commune.[4]

Some 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north of Mersch is the Pettingen Castle, in the village of Pettingen; it is one of the best preserved fortified castles in the country.[5]


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  1. Valley of the Seven Castles is an informal name given to the valley of the Eisch river, in central Luxembourg. It is named after the group of seven castles along the river: Mersch Castle, Schoenfels Castle, Hollenfels Castle, Ansembourg Castle, New Castle of Ansembourg, Septfontaines Castle and Koerich Castle


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