Music of Mexico

overview of music traditions in Mexico
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Music of Mexico has a lot of different forms of music genres that are performed by Mexican musicians.

Type of music


Folk music


The corrido is a type of narrative song that tells a story. Corridos are recorded as a ballad and sometimes as a duet with another artist. Traditional folk music is a type of folk music that is sung by ordinary people. In popular music, this can include the ranchera, mariachi and conjunto music. Mexican folk music are based on instruments such as the violin and guitar. Mexican sones are a type of ranchera music that developed when the Spanish evaded Mexico. Tejano music is a type of folk music mixed with R&B and country. Tejano (or Tex-Mex music) is popularized in South Texas and North Mexico. Tejano began when the Germans settled in South Texas during the 1600s and brought musical instruments to the native people. Ever since, Tejano has grown to become the most widely known type of music in Mexico and has its own music awards held annually in San Antonio, Texas. "The Queen of Tejano music" is Selena and "The King of Tejano music" is Emilio Navaria. Banda and Norteño are two music genres that formed from Tejano music.

Cumbia and pop


The cumbia music is also popular in Mexico and was brought by the Cubans. "Bolero", which originated from Puerto Rico, is popular in Mexico as a mixed style with cumbia music. In recent year, Mexican Pop music has seen the rise in popularity beginning in the 2000s.