1998 album by Massive Attack
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Mezzanine is the third studio album by English trip hop group Massive Attack. It was released on 20 April 1998. It was produced by Massive Attack and Neil Davidge. The album was released by Virgin Records.

Studio album by
Released20 April 1998
GenreTrip hop, electronica,[1] downtempo
ProducerNeil Davidge, Massive Attack
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The album was provided on their website for legal download many months before the CD release. It was one of the first major uses of the MP3 format by a commercial group.[2] It does not use the jazzy sounds and the rapping of Tricky, similar to what Massive Attack did in Blue Lines and Protection. Mezzanine has a dark sound, heavy bass guitars and distorted guitars. This is similar to industrial music and post-punk.

Mezzanine had the number one spot on many music charts. It did this on music charts in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. It is Massive Attack's best selling album.[3][4] The album had four singles: "Risingson", "Teardrop", "Angel" and "Inertia Creeps". These singles went on music charts in the United Kingdom.

Track listing change

Standard edition
No. TitleVocals Length
1. "Angel"  Horace Andy 6:18
2. "Risingson"   4:58
3. "Teardrop"  Fraser 5:29
4. "Inertia Creeps"  3D 5:56
5. "Exchange"    4:11
6. "Dissolved Girl"  Hawley 6:07
7. "Man Next Door"  Andy 5:55
8. "Black Milk"  Fraser 6:20
9. "Mezzanine"  
  • 3D
  • Daddy G
10. "Group Four"  
  • 3D
  • Fraser
11. "(Exchange)"  Andy 4:08

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