Minecraft Dungeons

2020 video game developed by Mojang and Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons is a game released in 2020 by Mojang Studios. Unlike the normal Minecraft, you can not jump, build, and mine in Minecraft Dungeons. In this game, you can only attack mobs and use artifacts.

Minecraft Dungeons
Developer(s)Mojang Studios
Publisher(s)Xbox Game Studios
EngineUnreal Engine 4 Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One Edit this on Wikidata
ReleaseMay 26, 2020
Genre(s)Action role-playing
adventure game
dungeon crawl Edit this on Wikidata
co-op mode Edit this on Wikidata


In this game, you cannot build, mine, and jump. This game focuses on attacking mobs. An object called the Orb of Dominance is a pink circled object which sounds like an enderman. This ender object was from the End dimension, and created monsters and bosses. Players explore an open world with lots of dungeons containing monsters, bosses, blocks, puzzles, and secret areas in the game. This game player limit is 4 players, and has an online game.

Downloadable contentsEdit

This game has 6 downloadable contents, and also contains mobs, puzzles, blocks, and secrets. The downloadable contents are:

  • "Jungle Awakens" - takes place in a jungle.
  • "Creeping Winter" - takes place in a snowy tundra.
  • " Howling Peaks" - takes place in the mountains.
  • " Flames of the Nether - takes place in the Nether dimension, and the only Minecraft Dungeons DLC without a final boss fight.
  • " Hidden Depths" - takes place in an ocean.
  • " Echoing Void" - takes place in the End dimension.

Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void has final bosses. The Flames of the Nether is the only DLC in the game without a final boss, because of a lack of the Orb of Dominance. The final boss in the Echoing Void DLC is the true final boss of Minecraft Dungeons, because it is the true final victim of the Orb of Dominance.