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Mongolia at the Olympics is a history which began in 1956.

Mongolia at the
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The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Mongolia is MGL.[1]


A team from Mongolia was first at the Olympic Games in 1964. They have been in every Summer Olympic Games since then, except the boycotted 1984 Summer Olympics.

Mongolia has also been in the Winter Olympic Games since 1964. They have missed only the 1976 Winter Games.

Mongolian athletes have won a total of nineteen medals, all in Summer Olympics competitions.

The Mongolian National Olympic Committee was formed in 1956 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1962.[2]

List of medalistsEdit

Medal Name Games Sport Event
2  Silver Jigjidiin Mönkhbat 1968 Mexico Wrestling Men's freestyle middleweight
3  Bronze Chimedbazaryn Damdinsharav[3] 1968 Mexico Wrestling Men's freestyle flyweight
3  Bronze Danzandarjaagiin Sereeter 1968 Mexico Wrestling Men's freestyle lightweight
3  Bronze Tömöriin Artag 1968 Mexico Wrestling Men's freestyle welterweight
2  Silver Khorloogiin Bayanmönkh 1972 Munich Wrestling Men's freestyle heavyweight
2  Silver Zevegiin Oidov 1976 Montreal Wrestling Men's freestyle featherweight
2  Silver Tsendiin Damdin 1980 Moscow Judo Men's half lightweight
2  Silver Jamtsyn Davaajav 1980 Moscow Wrestling Men's freestyle welterweight
3  Bronze Ravdangiin Davaadalai 1980 Moscow Judo Men's lightweight
3  Bronze Dugarsürengiin Oyuunbold 1980 Moscow Wrestling Men's freestyle bantamweight
3  Bronze Nergüin Enkhbat 1988 Seoul Boxing Men's lightweight
3  Bronze Namjilyn Bayarsaikhan 1992 Barcelona Boxing Men's lightweight
3  Bronze Munkhbayar Dorjsuren 1992 Barcelona Shooting Women's 25 m pistol
3  Bronze Dorjpalamyn Narmandakh 1996 Atlanta Judo Men's extra lightweight
3  Bronze Khashbaataryn Tsagaanbaatar 2004 Athens Judo Men's extra lightweight
2  Silver Otryadyn Gündegmaa 2008 Beijing Shooting Women's 25 m pistol
1  Gold Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar 2008 Beijing Judo Men's half heavyweight
2  Silver Pürevdorjiin Serdamba 2008 Beijing Boxing Men's light fly (48 kg)
1  Gold Enkhbatyn Badar-Uugan 2008 Beijing Boxing Men's bantam (54 kg)
2  Silver Nyambayaryn Tögstsogt 2012 London Boxing Men's flyweight (52 kg)
2  Silver Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar 2012 London Judo Men's heavy (100 kg)
3  Bronze Sainjargalyn Nyam-Ochir 2012 London Judo Men's lightweight (73 kg)
3  Bronze Soronzonboldyn Battsetseg 2012 London Wrestling Women's freestyle wrestling(63 kg)
3  Bronze Uranchimegiin Mönkh-Erdene 2012 London Boxing Men's light welterweight(64 kg)

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