Movement for Rights and Freedoms

political party in Bulgaria

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) (Bulgarian: Движение за права и свободи (ДПС); Turkish: Hak ve Özgürlükler Hareketi (HÖH)), is a political party in Bulgaria. Their ideologies are centrism and liberalism. The MRF is a member of the Liberal International and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. The MRF represents Turks in Bulgaria.

The founder and 1st chairman of the MRF, Ahmed Dogan

The MRF was founded on 4 January 1990. The founder chairman of the MRF was Ahmed Dogan. After him, his deputy Lyutvi Mestan is elected as the 2nd chairman of the MRF.[1]

Leaders of the MRF

  1. Ahmed Dogan (4 January 1990–19 January 2013)
  2. Lyutvi Mestan (19 January 2013–December 2015)
  3. Mustafa Karadayı (24 April 2016 - present)


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