Mr. Satan

fictional character from Dragon Ball

Mr. Satan (also known as Hercule in English dubs) is a fictional character from the manga Dragon Ball and anime Dragon Ball Z. He also appears in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

Mr. Satan
Dragon Ball character
Created byAkira Toriyama
Full nameMark (マーク)
OccupationChampion of the world
FamilyPan (great daughter)
ChildrenVidel (daughter)

He is portrayed as a great fighter, champion of the world, cheered by all humanity. In reality he hides a clumsy and cowardly personality. Usually this duality is used for comedic gags.

He also has a daughter, Videl who will marry Son Gohan, son of Goku. In the Majin buu saga he befriends the good side of the antagonist.

Because "Satan" is also the name of the main evil spirit in Christianity, the character's name sparked so much controversy that when Dragon Ball was imported to North America, his name was changed to Hercule.[1]


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