Muzaffer İzgü

Turkish writer

Muzaffer Izgü (29 October 1933 – 26 August 2017) was a Turkish writer and teacher.[1][2][3] He was known for his children's books and works of humour, and had authored 154 books, 98 of which were for children. He was born in Adana, Turkey. His first book, Gecekondu, was published in 1970 by Remzi Kitabevi. This was followed by İlyas Efendi (1971) and Halo Dayı (1972).

Radical Niyazi Bey is a 2001 collection of his stories by Milet Books, in dual Turkish and English language translation by Damian Croft.

Izgü died on 26 August 2017 in İzmir, Turkey of liver cancer at the age of 83.[4]


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