National Executive Power

executive branch of Argentina

The National Executive Power (PEN) (Spanish: Poder Ejecutivo Nacional) of Argentina is the executive body of the central State of this country. It is a single-person, pyramidal body headed by the President of Argentina, an official who must be elected every four years by direct, secret, universal and compulsory suffrage, in a double round, along with the vice-presidential candidate.

National Executive Power
Agency overview
Dissolvedel poder ejecutivo
JurisdictionGovernment of Argentina
HeadquartersBuenos Aires, Argentina

Presidency of the Nation


In Argentina, the Presidency of the Nation is made up of the President of the Nation and the closest organizations and personnel.

Among the latter, the General Secretariat of the Presidency, the Legal and Technical Secretariat, the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs and the Secretariat for Comprehensive Drug Policies (SEDRONAR) stand out for their political importance.

Chief of Cabinet of Ministers


The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers is a ministerial position of the Argentine Republic, held by a chief of staff. It corresponds to an official of the National Constitution and arises as a consequence of the constitutional reform of 1994. Its role, attributions and obligations are detailed in articles 100 and 101 of the National Constitution, deepened in art. Currently, the Chief of Staff is Juan Manzur.

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