Natural sciences

branch of science about the natural world

There are some sciences that are used to study nature. According to these sciences, the things that can be observed in nature follow certain rules. These rules are often unknown, and natural sciences are about finding them. They often use what is called the scientific method to do this.

  • Physics looks at how nature is made, and how different fields of nature relate to each other.
  • Chemistry is about the elements, their combinations, and their reactions.
  • Biology looks at living organisms, their development, and how they interact with each other.
  • Geology looks at how the earth developed and what it looks like.

Some sciences, like Mathematics, can help in all of the above. They make it easier to talk about rules and models.

Other sciences that mainly look at how humans think and behave, and about their society are called social sciences.



The natural sciences are used to make new things (applied science). The natural sciences are guides to test new ideas. They are used to solve engineering problems and technology problems. Math helps the natural sciences to solve problems and make new things. Computers do this too. Computers and math are tools for the natural sciences.

The following sciences are natural sciences: