Next German federal election

general election for the 21st German Bundestag

The next German federal election will be held on or before 26 October 2025 to elect the members of the 21st Bundestag.[1] The date will be selected by the President of Germany.[2]

Next German federal election

← 2021 On or before 26 October 2025
← List of members of the 20th Bundestag

All 598 seats in the Bundestag, including any overhang and leveling seats
300 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Olaf Scholz In March 2022.jpg
Friedrich Merz in March 2022.jpg

Leader Olaf Scholz Friedrich Merz Ricarda Lang
& Omid Nouripour
Party SPD CDU/CSU Green
Last election 25.7%, 206 seats 24.1%, 197 seats 14.8%, 118 seats

2020-02-14 Christian Lindner (Bundestagsprojekt 2020) by Sandro Halank–2.jpg
Tino Chrupalla, 2020 (cropped).jpg

Leader Christian Lindner Tino Chrupalla Janine Wissler &
Susanne Hennig-Wellsow
Party FDP AfD Left
Last election 11.5%, 92 seats 10.3%, 83 seats 4.9%, 39 seats

Incumbent Government

Scholz cabinet

References change

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