Cloth that covers the face as a part of sartorial hijab

A Niqab is a piece of clothing. It is for Muslim women. Women who wear niqab in public are called Niqabi. There are many Niqabis in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, and Egypt. Niqabi usually covers all her body except the eyes and hands.

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Niqab around the worldEdit

Full-face veils ban in Europe, 2021. In countries, colored in red, full-face veils (like the niqab and burqa) are totally banned in public. In countries colored in pink and orange, full-face veils are restricted and are illegal in public buildings, public transport and while driving a vehicle.

In France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands wearing a niqab (and the burqa) in public is illegal. And in more countries, it is illegal to enter a government building, public building, public transport, schools, or to drive a vehicle with a niqab (or a burqa).

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