Norwegian Refugee Council


The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) (Norwegian: Flyktninghjelpen) is an independent, non-governmental organisation in Norway which helps refugees and internally displaced persons around the world.

Logo of the Norwegian Refugee Council

The NRC protects the rights of people who have been forced to leave their countries, or their homes within their countries. It is the only Norwegian group that specialises in international efforts for these types of people.

The NRC was established in 1946 with the name "Aid to Europe", to help refugees in Europe after World War II. Today, the NRC is an independent, private organisation. It works closely with the United Nations and other organisations around the world, as well as in Norway.

What the NRC does


The group focuses on five main activities:

  • Building homes and schools
  • Giving food and non-food relief items
  • Giving information, counselling and legal assistance
  • Camp management
  • Education

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