Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario Affiliate of the Liberal Party of Canada

The Ontario Liberal Party is a provincial political party in Ontario, Canada. The party follows a political ideology that is similar to what the Liberal Party of Canada follows. Despite this, the two parties are two different parties.

Ontario Liberal Party

Parti libéral de l'Ontario
Active provincial party
LeaderJohn Fraser (interim)
PresidentBrian Johns
Founded1857 (1857)
Headquarters344 Bloor Street W
Suite 306
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3A7
Youth wingOntario Young Liberals
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre to Centre-left
Seats in Legislature
7 / 124

The party comes from the Reform movement in the 1830s and 1840s. The party was organized in 1847 by George Brown. It won the 1871 provincial elections and remained in power until the general election of 1905.

Between 2003 and 2018, the Liberals won every election. After the 2018 elections, the Progressive Conservatives took over. They lost almost all their seats in the Legislative Assembly, except for seven seats. Because they only had seven seats, they lost their official party status.[1]


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