Oruchuban Ebichu

television series

Oruchuban Ebichu (also known as Ebichu Minds the House (おるちゅばんエビちゅ)) is an anime made by Gainax, who is also the director of Makoto Moriwaki. It's based on the manga by Risa Itō (伊藤理佐[2]) in 1990.

Oruchuban Ebichu
Written byRisa Itō
Published byFutabasha
MagazineManga Action Pizazz
Original run19912008
Anime television series
Directed byMakoto Moriwaki
Produced byYasuhiro Takeda
Kayo Nakayama
Akira Kakei
Kazuaki Morijiri
Kenjirō Kawando
Satoshi Fukuyoshi (Assistant)
Written byChinatsu Hōjō
Genki Yoshimura
Music byMinami Karasuyama 6th Street Production
StudioGainax (production)
Group TAC (animation)
Original networkDirecTV
Television Kanagawa[1]
Original run August 1, 1999 October 1, 1999
Episodes12 (24 segments)

In 1990 to 2007, it was published serially by magazine Giga&chan (ギガ/Shan), publication of Shufutoseikatsusha (主婦と生活社 (しゅふとせいかつしゃ)), and from 2007 to 2008, published serially by magazine ACTION PIZAZZ (アクションピザッツ), publication of Futabasha (双葉社 (しゅふとせいかつしゃ)). after 1999, it published 15curtain, and in book form Futabasha. In 1999, it was an organization by 10acts and was screened on Television in DirecTV (ディレクTV).


this story is one housekeeper Hamster Ebichu and her's maester Gosujinjama (ご主人ちゃま), one office lady.[3] Other characters is People around of maester, Kaisyonachi, Ma-Kun, Lady Hanabataki, newly married couple Kobayashi couple. Ebichu name from to Japanese beer "Yebisu".

Ebichu is a hamster and faithful and versatile housekeeper, a top-class performance. She often lacks tact and play a practical joke on a person. Gosujinjama is 25 or 26, 29years office lady. Gosujinsama is bad-tempered and downright sort of woman, but dangler for her boyfriends. Other characters are Kaionachi, Ma Kun and Ms. Hanabataki (real name is Watanabe), their is friends of Gosujinsama. Kaionachi is boyfriends of Gosujinsama, but he is laziness, immature and he like pachinko and amusement. He had an affair with another woman many times, but discovered Ebichu. Ma-kun (マァくん) is more lover and follower of Ebichu. Ms. Hanabataki (花畑さん) Real name is Watanabe (渡辺さん). Her is good friends of Gosujinsama but naive and her do not know world affairs.

TV versionEdit


  • Ebichu : hero, housekeeper Hamster
  • Goshujin-chama : Office Lady, master of Ebichu
  • Kaishonachi : boyfriend of Goshujin-chama
  • Maa-kun : friends of Kaishonachi, Goshujin-chama
  • Watanabe / Lady Hanadataki : friend of Goshujin-chama
  • Mother of Goshujin-chama
  • Kobayashi and Mrs. Kobayashi : new marriage couple.
  • Other apartment woman
  • girlfriends of Maa-kun

Manga versionEdit


  • Ebichu
  • Goshujin-chama
  • Kaishonachi
  • Maa-kun
  • Watanabe / Lady Hanadataki
  • Mother of Goshujin-chama
  • Kobayashi and Mrs. Kobayashi
  • landlord 1 : landlord of Kaishonachi's home
  • landlord woman : former owner of Goshujin-chama's home
  • Other apartment woman
  • girlfriends of Maa-kun
  • Dobuyosi : Normal mouse, friend of Ebichu
  • Tanukio : a Raccoon


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