ethnolinguistic region located on both sides of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, largely inhabited by the Ossetians

Ossetia (/ɒˈsɛtjə, ɒˈsʃə/;[1] Ossetian: Ир, Ирыстон, romanized: Ir, Iryston; Russian: Осетия, romanized: Osetiya; Georgian: ოსეთი) is a region in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Most people living there are ethnic Ossetians. The Ossetian language is part of the Eastern Iranian branch of the family of Indo-European languages.[2] Most countries recognise the southern area as part of Georgia. But, Russia has created a Republic of South Ossetia there. Most countries do not recognize the Republic of South Ossetia as an independent country.[3][4][5][6] The northern part of the region is the republic of North Ossetia–Alania in the Russian Federation.

Map showing North and South Ossetia when they were part of the Soviet Union


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