Pak Beng Dam

dam in Laos

The Pak Beng Dam is a project (as of 2017) to build a hydroelectric power plant and a dam on the Mekong river - inside Laos.

Laos "has already begun preparatory work for the 912-megawatt Pak Beng dam in the northern province of Oudomxay, and the official Lao News Agency reported ... that construction would begin in early 2017", according to an article in Seattle Times in 2016.[1]

The project is going to be funded by the Chinese company, Datang Overseas Investment.[2]

Lawsuit in ThailandEdit

People living in eight Thai provinces along the Mekong River are suing [since June 2017] state agencies [in Thailand] because they say that there wasn't enough public participation in planning for the Pak Beng hydropower dam, which is being built by Laos.[3]


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