Pakistani rock

music genre or scene

Pakistani rock is a form of rock music from Pakistan. It mixes up Pakistani classical music with American rock. It has its own vibrant elements, with slightly different sounds and tunes. Pakistani rock is mostly sung in Urdu, however large numbers of songs are also sung in languages such as Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Seraiki. Many new music bands are also now singing in English.

History change

The rock music of Pakistan first began in the 1990s, with Vital Signs and Junoon as the first rock bands to come out. There were then some other bands like Strings, which also began later. After the year 2000, there were suddenly hundreds of rock music groups across Pakistan that began to create.

Popularity change

Pakistani rock music has become massively popular among people in the country. It is listened to in countries such as Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India and even as far as China and Japan.[1]

Sources change

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