former municipality of Switzerland in Vaud

Palézieux (French pronunciation: ​[palezjø]) is a village and former municipality of the district Broye-Vully in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Since 2012 it forms part of the municipality of Oron.[2]

Coat of arms of Palézieux
Location of Palézieux
Palézieux is located in Switzerland
Palézieux is located in Canton of Vaud
Coordinates: 46°33′N 06°50′E / 46.550°N 6.833°E / 46.550; 6.833
 • MayorM. Gérald Nidrist
 • Total5.77 km2 (2.23 sq mi)
634 m (2,080 ft)
 • Total1,326
 • Density230/km2 (600/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Les Paléziens
Les Boudins
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (Central European Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (Central European Summer Time)
Postal code(s)
1607 Palézieux-Village
1607 Palézieux-Gare
SFOS number5795
LocalitiesPalézieux-Village, Palézieux-Gare, Serix
Surrounded byOron-la-Ville, Oron-le-Châtel, Chesalles-sur-Oron, Ecoteaux, Bossonnens (FR), Granges (Veveyse) (FR), Les Thioleyres, Les Tavernes
Twin townsVers-Pont-du-Gard (France)
[1] Profile (in French), [1].en.geoRefStandard SFSO statistics

History change

Palézieux was first mentioned in 1134 as de Palaisol.

Under the rule of Savoy, the family de Palézieux - mentioned in texts from 1154 - had their castle near the village, of which remains can be seen today (mainly a wall). The castle controlled a bridge on the River Broye, which was a source of profit through the various tolls and taxes.

The bridge over the Broye was washed away in 1700, following a flood. It was rebuilt in 1750, following several petitions. Modernized, it is still in place.

The creation of the separate settlement at Palézieux-Gare came about with the commissioning of the railway line between Lausanne and Bern in 1862, which was built away from the original village (which became known as Palézieux-Village). In 1876 the line from Payerne was added, which runs adjacent to Palézieux-Village, and in 1903 the metre gauge line leading to the Gruyère was constructed, with its terminus at Palézieux-Gare.

Villages change

  • Palézieux-Village
  • Palézieux-Gare[3]
  • Serix

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