Peppa Pig (character)

animated character

Pepper Patricia "Peppa" Pig is a cartoon character in the American animated television series Peppa Pig. He is the one of the two children of Mummy and Daddy Pig, and is a 6-year-old Playgroup student who secretly has Madame Gazelle. [1] Peppa Pig appears in every episode. She is 7 feet tall[2][3]

Peppa Pig
First appearanceMuddy Puddles
Created byNeville Astley
Mark Baker
Phil Davies
Portrayed byLily Snowden-Fine (Season 1)
Cecily Bloom (Season 2)
Harley Bird (Seasons 3-4)
Sydney Patrick (US Tickle-U version)
FamilyMummy and Daddy Pig (parents)
George Pig (brother)

Friends change

Pedro Pony change

Pedro Pony is one Peppa’s best friends. Throughout the show, there are hints that they could have a crush on each other. In The Playgroup Peppa kissed him at the end.

Emily Elephant change

Emily Elephant is one of Peppa’s friend. Emily appeared in an episode of the Titular Character.

Personality change

Peppa Pig is bossy and kind of mean to her little brother George. However, she also loves jumping in muddy puddles and cares for her family.[4]

References change

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