Peter Cook

British actor, satirist, writer and comedian (1937-1995)

Peter Cook (17 November 1937 – 9 January 1995) was a English satirist, writer, actor and comedian. He was born in Torquay, Devon and became famous when he appeared in a stage show called Beyond the Fringe in 1960.

Cook (right) and Moore performing in the revue Good Evening on Broadway theatre

He later continued working with another star of Beyond the Fringe, Dudley Moore. Two of the things they did together were Not Only... But Also and later Derek and Clive. They also appeared in films like the original Bedazzled.

Cook later helped start the magazine Private Eye. He also was involved with comedy performances for Amnesty International.

He died of liver disease in Hampstead, London. He is still regarded as a major influence in British comedy.

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