Peter Shirayanagi

Cardinal priest from Japan
In this Japanese name, the family name is Shirayanagi.

Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi (白柳 誠一, Shirayanagi Seiichi, 17 June 1928 - 30 December 2009) was a Japanese priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop of Tokyo.[1]

His Eminence

Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi
Cardinal, Archbishop of Tokyo
SeeArchdiocese of Tokyo
Term ended2000
PredecessorPeter Tatsuo Doi
SuccessorPeter Takeo Okada
Created cardinal1994
Personal details
Born17 June 1928
Hachiōji, Tokyo
Died30 December 2009
Coat of armsPeter Seiichi Shirayanagi's coat of arms

Early lifeEdit

Shirayanagi was born in Hachiōji, Tokyo.[2] He studied in Rome.[3]


Shirayanagi was ordained as a priest in 1954.[1]


Shirayanagi was named Archbishop of Tokyo in 1970.[3] As a leader of Japanese Bishops, Shirayanagi encouraged the Japanese to seek reconciliation with former enemies in Asia.[4]


In 1994, Pope John Paul II created Cardinal Shirayanagi. He retired in 2000,[3] and his title became "Emeritus Archbishop of Tokyo".[5]


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Preceded by
Peter Tatsuo Doi
Archbishop of Tokyo
Succeeded by
Peter Takeo Okada