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The Phalène, ("moth-eared") is a small toy spaniel type of dog breed. It is a drop eared variety of it's close relation, the Papillon. Both types can be born in the same litter.[1] In the United States both Phalènes and Papillons are treated as the same breed.[2]

Two Phalènes
Other namesEpagneul Nain Continental
Moth-eared toy spaniel
Common nicknamesdrop-eared Papillion
OriginBelgium, France, Italy
Coat Long, Silky
Color White, Brown, Red, Silver, Black, Black and Tan
Kennel club standards
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)


Queen Sophie Dorothea of Prussia with a Phalène 1737

The dog is a very old breed, It has been reported in Belgium, France and Italy in the 16th century where it was a popular companion dog of the upper classes.[1]


The Phalène has a long, silky coat and will be mostly white with brown, red, silver, black or black and tan markings.[3]


These dogs are usually easy to train but can be wary of strangers. Like most spaniels they need some daily exercise to keep them happy.[3]


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