study of stamps and postal history and other related items

Philately is the study and collection of postage stamps and postal history.

A Russian stamp, national costume of Russia, 2012

Types of Philately change

  • Thematic philately, also known as topical philately, is the study of art shown on stamps. This can be pictures of many things on a stamp, like people, animals, boats, insects, and vehicles. Interesting parts of thematic philately also include mistakes in the art of a stamp. For example, the removal of cigarettes from United States stamps.
  • Postal history studies the history of how mail and stamps were processed. This relates to post offices, postmarks, and how mail is taken from place to place.
  • Aerophilately studies airmail (mail that travels on planes).
  • Astrophilately studies stamps that are related to outer space, and objects like the Moon.

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