Soviet Philatelic Association

Soviet Philatelic Association (SFA)[a] was a business run by the Soviet Union authorities in the field of philately.[1]

Soviet Philatelic Association
Советская филателистическая ассоциация (СФА)
Agency overview
Formed25 October 1926; 97 years ago (1926-10-25)
Preceding agency
Dissolved1938; 86 years ago (1938)
Superseding agency
  • Chief Philatelic Bureau
HeadquartersMoscow, USSR
55°45′N 37°37′E / 55.750°N 37.617°E / 55.750; 37.617
Agency executive
  • Feodor Chuchin (1926–1928?), Chairman
Parent agencyCommission on the Organisation and Disposal of the V. I. Lenin Fund for Street Children Aid

History change

Two early philatelic public entities existed in the Soviet Union. These were All-Russian Society of Philatelists (created in 1922) and Philatelic International (or Filintern organised in 1924). In July 1924, an "All-Union Philatelic Association of Socialist Soviet Republics" was formed. It was called the "State Philatelic Organization". This association was entrusted to Feodor Chuchin. He also supervised another state body, Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily. The All-Union Philatelic Association ceased to exist soon after. It lacked a published decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK) and RSFSR Sovnarkom.[1]

On 25 October 1926, a new association was established in Moscow by VTsIK and Sovnarkom decree. It replaced the Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily. SFA sold Soviet stamps to foreign dealers, Soviet philatelists, and schoolboys. These latter glued their stamps into school notebooks because of a lack of stamp albums.[1]

The SFA organ was the journal Sovetskii Filatelist (Soviet Philatelist).

In 1938, the Soviet Philatelic Association was replaced with the Chief Philatelic Bureau.

Registered letter sent from Moscow to Berlin that contained philatelic materials. It had special marks and a stamp of the control of foreign philatelic exchange (placed on the envelope back) issued by the Soviet Philatelic Association

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  1. Russian: Советская филателистическая ассоциация (СФА).

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