All-Russian Society of Philatelists

1923-1966 philatelic society

All-Russian Society of Philatelists[b] was a national philatelic organisation in Soviet Russia established in 1923. Later on, it was subsequently renamed and reorganised into the All-Union Society of Philatelists[c] and the All-Union Society of Collectors.[d][1][2]

All-Russian Society of Philatelists
Всероссийское общество филателистов
Emblem of the organisation when it became the All-Union Society of Collectors
Emblem of the organisation when it became the All-Union Society of Collectors
AbbreviationRussian: ВОФ (VOF), Russian: ВОК (VOK)
PredecessorMoscow Society of Philatelists and Collectors
SuccessorAll-Union Society of Philatelists, All-Union Society of Collectors
Formation6 April 1923; 97 years ago (1923-04-06)
Founded atMoscow, USSR
Extinctionlate 1930s
Legal statusnational association
Purposephilately, scripophily,[a] numismatics, ex-libris collection
Headquarters31 Herzen Street
  • Moscow, USSR
Coordinates55°45′27″N 37°35′54″E / 55.75750°N 37.59833°E / 55.75750; 37.59833
Membership (1926)
~3,000 members
Official language
Secretary General
Leongard Eichfuss
Chairman of the Board
Vladimir Repman (1923–1924)
Leongard Eichfuss (1924–1925)
Boris Bildin (1925–1928)
Kazimir Dunin-Barkovsky (1928–1934)
Deputy Chairman of the Board
B. F. Pamfilov
Second Secretary
B. S. Pashkov
E. I. Markevich
Main organ
Board of the Society
Publication: Soviet Philatelist
Remarksprivate persons, 51 regional branches (1927)
Membership card of the Society, Section of Junior Philatelists, 1924


The idea of a new countrywide philatelic society was supported by the Russian Bureau of Philately at the RSFSR National Commissariat of Post and Telegraphs in 1922. On 15 March 1923, the charter of the All-Russian Society of Philatelists was approved. On 6 April 1923 its first meeting took place in Moscow. The society's branches worked in Yerevan, Tiflis, Tashkent, Ashgabat, Baku, and other cities. In 1924–1925, the First All-Union Philatelic Exhibition was held. The All-Russian Society of Philatelists published the Soviet Philatelist journal (1922–1932). It existed till the late 1930s.[1][3]

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