Pope Alexander VI

pope of the Catholic Church 1492–1503 from the Borgia family

Pope Alexander VI (Latin: Alexander Sextus; 1431–1503), born Rodrigo Lanzol y Borja, was an Spanish cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 215th Pope from 1492 to 1503.[1]

Alexander VI
Papacy began11 August 1492
Papacy ended18 August 1503
PredecessorInnocent VIII
SuccessorPius III
Personal details
Birth nameRoderic Llançol i de Borja
Born(1431-01-01)1 January 1431
Xàtiva, Kingdom of Valencia
Died18 August 1503(1503-08-18) (aged 72)
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Early life change

In 1431, Lanzol y Borja born in Xàtiva, which is near Valencia in Spain. His father was Jofre Lançol. His mother was Isabella Borgia, who was a sister of Cardinal Alfonso Borgia, who later became Pope Callixtus III.[2]

He was adopted into the immediate family of Pope Callixtus; and was known afterwards as Rodrigo Borgia.[2]

Cardinal change

In 1456, he was made Cardinal.[2]

Pope change

Desiderando nui, 1499

Cardinal Borgia was elected pope on August 11, 1492; and he took the name of Alexander VI.[2]

Pope Alexander is known for writing Inter Caetera in 1493.[3] In this papal decree, Alexander decided that some parts of South America would be Spanish or and some parts would be Portuguese.[2]

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Coat of arms of Alexander VI
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Preceded by
Innocent VIII
Succeeded by
Pius III