Pope Callixtus III

Pope from 1455 to 1458 from the Borgia family

Pope Callixtus III (Latin: Callistus Tertius; December 31, 1378–August 6, 1458),[1] born Alfonso de Borja, was an Spanish official of the Roman Catholic Church and the 210th Pope from April 8, 1455 until his death.[2]


Callixtus III
Bishop of Rome
Papacy began8 April 1455
Papacy ended6 August 1458
PredecessorNicholas V
SuccessorPius II
Consecration31 August 1429
by Pierre de Foix
Created cardinal2 May 1444
by Eugene IV
Personal details
Birth nameAlfons de Borja
Born31 December 1378
Died6 August 1458(1458-08-06) (aged 79)
Rome, Papal States
ChildrenFrancisco de Borja
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Coat of armsCallixtus III's coat of arms
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Early life


Borja was born near Valencia on December 31, 1378.[3]



Martin V named Borja bishop of Valencia in 1429.[3]



In 1444, Eugene IV made Borja or "Borgia"[4] a cardinal.[5]

After Nicholas V died, Cardinal Borgia was elected pope on April 8, 1455. He chose to be called Callixtus III.[6]

In 1456, Callixtus authorized a review of the trial of Joan of Arc; and she was found innocent.[7]



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Preceded by
Nicholas V
Succeeded by
Pius II