Pope Gelasius I

Bishop of Rome from 492 to 496

Pope Gelasius I (died 19 November 496) was Pope of the Catholic Church. He reigned from 492 to 496. He was preceded by Felix III and succeeded by Anastasius II.

Pope Saint

Gelasius I
Papacy began1 March 492
Papacy ended19 November 496
PredecessorFelix III
SuccessorAnastasius II
Personal details
Birth nameGelasius
BornUnknown date
Roman Africa or Rome[1]
Died(496-11-19)19 November 496[2]
Rome, Ostrogothic Kingdom
Feast day21 November[2]
Other popes named Gelasius

Place of birth change

There is confusion about where he was born.

References change

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