Pope Gregory III

90th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope Gregory III (Latin: Gregorius Tertius; died 28 November 741) was an Syrian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 90th Pope from 11 February 731 to 28 November 741.[1]

Gregory III
Papacy began11 February 731
Papacy ended28 November 741
PredecessorPope Gregory II
SuccessorPope Zachary
Personal details
Born4 August 690, B.C.
Died28 November 741
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Early life


Gregory was born in Syria, but the date of his birth is not known.[2]

Gregory was elected pope in 731.[2] During his reign, the issue of iconoclasm or image worship was an important controvery.[3]

After the reign of Gregory III, there were no other non-European popes until Pope Francis in 2013.[4]



Emblem of the popes
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